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Send Help!

Steizuello's 73.5-minute debut album complete with CD and a 4-panel jacket in a jewel case


Send Help!

 • Signed by Steizuello

Get your very own copy of Send Help! signed by all 4 Stieuzello members! When purchasing, indicate your signing preference in the "Instructions to Seller"(e.g. Jacket front, CD, etc.)


Send Help!

 • Framed and signed by Steizuello

What's better than a signed copy of Send Help? A signed copy that is matted in a beautiful 7"x12" frame! Capture the aquatic magic of this album in this collector's setup. Both CD and jacket cover are signed by Steizuello!


Send Help! with CD Release Ticket Stub

 • Matted, framed and signed by Steizuello

Did you miss the CD Release Concert? No worries! The magic is captured with a signed jacket, signed CD, and an original signed CD Release Concert ticket, all matted in a gorgeous 14"x11" frame.

Not enough? We're throwing in a signed 8"x10" Steizuello promotional photo with your purchase!


"Pacific Seahorse" Donation

 • Reserved seating for 2 at Steizuello's next release show
 • Backstage pass following Steizuello's next release show
 • Copy of Steizuello's next album 3 weeks prior to public release.

The Pacific Seahorse is one of the largest seahorses in the world, and your generous donation is the largest step in helping us get back in the studio!

As a "Pacific Seahorse" friend of the band, Steizuello wants to include you in what you're helping us do! Enjoy prime reserved seating for 2 at the release show for our next album, hang out with us afterwards backstage, and tell all your friends that you already knew the music because you received the album 3 weeks prior to its release!


"Spider Crab" Donation

 • All "Pacific Seahorse" perks
 • Inclusion in liner notes in Steizuello's next album

The famed "Spider Crab" level doner is showered with more than pride, friends. They are, in fact, the proud recipient of the "Pacific Seahorse" gifts: Reserved seating for 2 at Steizuello's release show for their next album as well as a copy of the next album 3 weeks prior to its public release.

But it doesn't end there... When you open your new CD, you'll see your name in the liner notes!

You see, with a 12ft (3.8m) leg-span, the Spider Crab is no small creature, and your donation is no small contribution to our effort to create new music. You're helping us do what we love, and you're helping us bring it to you!


"Giant Oarfish" Donation

 • All "Spider Crab" perks
 • Attend a Steizuello rehearsal, then hang out with us afterwards!

Want to help out even more? You must be pretty interested in our music, so how about you come see how we do it?

With your "Giant Oarfish" donation, you get all the perks of the "Spider Crab," and additionally get to attend a 2-hour Steizuello rehearsal, then pick our brains afterwards!

The Giant Oarfish reaches lengths of 56ft (18m)! Your donation, quite appropriately, goes an incredibly long way in helping us publish new music for you! Experience the creation of our music with your donation!

(Details of rehearsal location (St. Louis, MO) determined by Steizuello. You help us decide where to hang out afterwards! Date to be decided mutually.)


"Loggerhead Sea Turtle" Donation

 • All "Giant Oarfish" perks
 • Attend a studio session with Steizuello for the next album

Attending a rehearsal and getting to know us isn't enough for you, eh? Well, put on your big boy scuba gear as you enjoy not only the "Giant Oarfish" perks, but as a "Loggerhead Sea Turtle" friend of the band, you also get to attend a recording session with us in the studio! Sit back and watch the magic happen behind thick, sound-proof glass, and chat it up with the band during breaks as we discuss inversions, atonal scales, and sea life.

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle makes a giant splash at over 1,000 lbs (454 kg). Since your hefty donation tips the scales and helps get us in the studio, how about you come and enjoy it with us?


"Giant Oceanic Manta Ray" Donation

 • All "Loggerhead Sea Turtle" perks
 • Steizuello composes a song in your honor
 • Steizuello includes your song on their next album!

You are clearly someone who knows what they want. You are a Giant Oceanic Manta Ray, and nothing will stop you. With a 25ft (7.6m) wingspan and a weight of 5,300 lbs (2,400 kg), we will abide by your every direction. We will compose a song in your honor.

We'll discuss a general mood and feel for your tune, and yes, we'll write you a song, perform and record it as a group, and include it on our album! Oh yeah - We'll also perform it for you at our release concert!

You are the master of a sea, and completely deserving of this and every other donation gift listed here. You are our greatest supporter.

(Should you have concerns regarding the level of involvement in the composition or song rights, please email us!)